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Default Re: Crysis 3 spotted on Origin, bows and arrows pictured.

Originally Posted by zer0 View Post
played crysis2 from start to finish once only.

played crysis1 from start to finish around 10 times.
I haven't even finished crysis 2 yet but the magic that the first one had in terms of that open area combat was nowhere to be found in crysis 2 and for me, that's the biggest buzz kill.

I'm also pretty bummed out that we didn't really get many great user made maps like vulcano, airstrip, etc. Seeing the incredible maps that the modders made truly showcased what the game could accomplish. Crysis 2 felt like nothing more than a prettier modern warfare with invisiblity added and a SLIGHTLY less linear mode of play.

Anyways, after reading up more, it seems like we're going to get an official announcement on this next Monday and that it's set in NY in the distant future where the forest has overgrown back into the city (sort of like how cities are depicted on that history channel series "life after people")

Regardless, I hope that crytek learned from it's colossal mistakes with C2 regarding the botched PC launch without DX11 and console textures and hilariously bad (riddled with hackers and pirated games) multiplayer.

I honestly would be happy if there were no "levels" so to speak but just an enormous wide open city that has been ravaged by nature and you simply have missions that send you from place to place in the city but at any time, you're free to travel about as you see fit (like GTA) and have certain areas of the city maybe become accessible as the story progresses (again like how GTA will block access to certain areas until the story deems them necessary)

I don't see why they can't do something like that. They are boasting that C3 will be "the best sandbox fps on the market" so do it.

One thing I hope I don't see in C3 is palm trees if it is actually in NY. Palm trees dont' grow in NYC. People are saying it's going to be a mix of urban and jungle. It should be urban/forest! It should look like this

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