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Default Re: Crysis 3 spotted on Origin, bows and arrows pictured.

Hopefully C3 is combination of the best of C1 combined with the best of C2

- When fully maxed out there aren't a lot, if any, games that match the level of graphics from C1 even at 4.5 years old. Now that we actually have the power to enjoy a game with that level graphics I hope the PC version gets some love this time around.

- IMO C1 was a little too wide open, I don't want to run for 5 minutes to get to the next fight. C2 was a little too close to a corridor shooter for me. Hopefully we get something in between.

- Can we get the C1 physics/destructible environment back please? I was foaming at the mouth over the idea of C1 destructibility in a city setting only to be massively disappointed with the lack of destructibility in C2.

If Crytek merges C1 and C2 and provides a good story line C3 could be a monster of a game.
If they follow the same mold as C2 I'll be waiting for it to hit the bargain bin.

Interesting stats:
Crysis 1 sold over 3 million units on PC only.
Crysis 2 sold over 3 million units between PC, Xbox, and PS


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