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Default Shazbot! Tribes Ascend Released!

Took about an hour to install and then played for about an hour and a half... yea.. its good. I have to think of it like planetside was, where everyone starts out a grunt and you gain XP to unlock new weapons and classes. The starter outfits seem to be all adequate for attacking and defending, I am freaking in love with the heavy class disc fuzer. I was impressed in that not only does XP unlock the usual stuff, but you can also upgrade your armor, weapons you currently have, and perks.

sadly it looks like you are at the whim of the game choosing your server, but I suppose things get better when you use the play with friends option. I seriously can't wait to find an "outfit" That uses ventrilo and strats.

Sucks I need to get some sleep for tonight's WoW raid. ^^ Can't wait to play more.
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