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Default What to do when switching between NVIDIA and AMD?

Sometimes, I get monitor distortion. I've noticed it only happens when the monitor wakes from a sleep or when the monitor "gets a new signal." By that I mean when the monitor goes from the Windows boot-up logo to the first screen in Windows. Turning off the monitor and then turning it back on fixes the issue. If the monitor is distorted upon waking up from a sleep (just the monitor not the computer), if I launch a game, the monitor will be fine with no distortion in the game and as well as when I quit the game. I guess this is because it is equivalent to turning the monitor off and then back on as it gets a fresh signal or something. However, just to see what would happen, I ran the monitor from the second DVI port on my graphics card for a while. This resulted in a different distortion (just rainbow colored dots on the screen versus like running 16 colors on DVI port 1) but the circumstances where the same (i.e. only when the monitor wakes from a sleep).

Due to this, I want to see if it is the monitor or the graphics card. I am currently running a NVIDIA graphics card and want to use my brother's AMD graphics card to test. Do I simply uninstall the NVIDIA drivers and install the AMD ones? Nothing else to do?
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