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Originally posted by sbp
NYTimes, NYPost what's the difference.
You deceptive rube!

In your PMs and E-mails, you were so vague about how I mislabled this thread confusing the Post with the Times that I didn't get it. Once I got it, I came here to fix it and thought I had broke the forum (hence the database errors people may have encountered a day or two ago).

Grrrr .... You could have just said, "Hey Jay! Byron's from the NY Post! You attacked the NYTimes! Oooops!!!" and I would've caught on a lot sooner! But noooo - sbp had a conspiracy to hatch (e.g. I'm gonna be vague as hell and make that dirty ol' bald leftist Sy look like an idiot! Mwhaha!"). Even Lord-Ex-Bu wouldn't have done that to me!!

I'm not always on my game and need a roadmap on occassion, y'know!
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