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Default Tearing on Quadro 1000M

So I have had tearing problems since I bought HP Elitebook 8560w with Quadro 1000M graphics card. It's especially annoying while watching movies. What I have tried:
-Different media players (with VDPAU on and off), altough the tearing applies to fast movement everywhere.
-Different monitor combinations (single monitor and dualhead)
-Different compositors (with and without redirecting) and window managers without compositing.
-Different drivers:
*Binary: Every driver update since 1.8.2011 (Arch Linux)
*Noveau: Tried some tweaking with driconf, no luck there.
*Tried setting vsync on and off

So that cover everything I found on the topic so far and now I'm completely out of ideas. Any help is highly appreciated.
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