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Originally Posted by Hogrider View Post
That's complete bs in my house. We have had 2 Android phones and currently Google TV. We have an ipad2 and 2 iphones and the Android devices have crashed in apps more than I can count. The i devices have had 1 app crash on the ipad, one time, that's it.
Well let's look at a proper sample size:

My personal guess for this is that the android API is far more fault tolerant to programmer error than iOS (think about it, on the iOS platform you're using Objective C whereas android is Dalvik.) So even though google doesn't scrutinize each app that goes into the android market, you're pretty much guaranteed to see fewer bugs, whereas apple has to personally weed them out (as well as weeding out apps that you may find useful yet apple simply disagrees with.)

Verdict? Regardless of opinions, it is statistically proven that Android is superior.

Oh and did I also mention I can put songs on my phone using a standard usb cable and without having to install gay itunes?
Want to listen to audio without your computer going to sleep? Try this.

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