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Originally Posted by Hogrider View Post
In my home Android crashes way more. That's the facts after using the products instead of just reading about them.
I was not an Apple fan at all before but the i devices have impressed me over the much less polished and unstable Android devices. I do like my Google TV but the apps on it crash quite a bit and like I said, the i devices have had 1 app crash... once.

Android is like dancing with rogo (large foreheaded partner who every once in a while can break dance with the best of them but more often that not looks unpolished and falls a lot)and i devices are like dancing with the stars (way more polished and practiced and rarely fall but when they do the detractors makes a lot of noise about it)... there is no dancing around that fact.
Mac users also claim that OSX never crashes and is the most secure OS. In reality though windows is superior to OSX in both departments (in fact there isn't any one area where OSX does a better job than windows.) They also claim that macs have the best quality hardware, when Asus and Lenovo both beat Apple in terms of hardware design and quality control.

Apple users just have special goggles
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