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Originally Posted by Hogrider View Post
How dare you question statistics and internet talk Crainger. You are dancing around the issue by actually having experience with the devices, please stop using them and read more internets so you will know better about them that way. Down with user experience!

Well I can do the anecdotal evidence game too

I like this one:

I have an iPhone, and occasionally the f*cking Phone app crashes. You know, the one that makes and receives phone calls? Crashing? One would think that should be the most reliable part of the phone, yet there you have it.
I've never had that one happen on android

There are a ton more but I think you get the point.

In any case, you probably have iOS apps crash all the time, however apple tends to hide when they crash. On android you get the prompt asking you to force close or to wait. On iOS the app just quits. One second you were using it, next second it's just gone. Sometimes apps in the background just crash and you don't even realize anything went wrong. When they crash on android though, you always know about it.
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