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Default GFWL won't update, Arkham City unplayable. Halp

like the title says, batman AC is unplayable. I have it installed on my laptop and I can play it on that but I installed it this afternoon on my desktop and despite installing GFWL, the game fires up, I sign in to download my GFWL profile to the computer and before it can download my profile info, it says I need a GFWL update. Fair enough.

It kicks me out of the game and no surprise, GFWL update crashed with a generic error.

My laptop says that it has version of the software but I cant find a link ANYWHERE to manually download that version. The only version that I can find on microsoft's website is and it's the one that the generic "setupGFWL.exe" file installs that I got from the GFWL website but apparently not the version that arkham city wants to see and wants to update it (I assume) to 3.5.92

I followed all the troubleshooting here

even checking the router ports and still nothing. Windows update doesn't find anything and I see no option in the windows gaming marketplace app once I log in to go manually check for an update.

I remember having this same problem on my laptop but I can't recall how I fixed it. I think uninstalling GFWL and then manually installing the GFWL setup did the trick but for whatever reason, it's not anymore.

Any ideas? This is absolutely ludicrous.
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