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Default Re: X server 1.12.1 instantly crashes on connection of HDMI monitor on 9600M GT

With both (and only both) RenderAccel set to False and the first Metamodes "1920x1080,NULL;" the X Server will at least properly start (and still crash if the HDMI cable is plugged in/out).

However, it shows a corrupted oversized image (example) if there's another metamode given, and nvidia-settings will not detect the second display in "X Server Display Configuration", though it does list it as DFP-1 under GPU 0. Also, that monitor will remain in standby.

edit: RenderAccel may remain true, apparently.

Correction: The monitor is listed properly in Display Configuration, I just had to actually select it in "Model:". The crash then occurs once it's enabled, regardless of the chosen resolution (eg Auto).

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