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Default Re: BUG: 290.x and 295.x regression - black menus, black & transparent windows

I can confirm the exactly same problem on my box running KDE 3.5.10 + KDM. After logoff KDM interface gets messed up, mostly black. Pressing mouse at the place where I know the "Chose session type..." button is I can open up the menu, but it also being displayed all black. Moving mouse over menu items makes the text appear at the moment mouse cursor hovers it. Restarting X server (for example by clicking on "Restart X server" item at that menu) fixes the problem until the next logoff.

Today I had spent some time sequentially downgrading driver versions to check what was the first one to hit this bug and it seems on my box this big manifests itself starting with 285.x series.

Upd. Forgot to mention that the bug persists with current driver release (295.40).
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