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Originally Posted by Rakeesh View Post
No, I'd say its more like there's two schools of thought when it comes to buying tech gadgets: there's the apple way, and then there's the smart way.

The apple way you find something that looks shiny and you buy it at whatever price they'll charge, and it's cool because all of your hip artsy fartsy friends at the coffee shop do it.

The smart way is you wait until the devices hit the market, you find the one that does what you need it to, read the reviews to find out where its faults are, and if you are comfortable with what you read, you find a good deal on it.

I mean any person with two licks of sense is going to pay attention to the reviews.
Yup, that's the ONLY "Apple way". Gotta love stereotypes eh?

But I agree with one thing. Go to a Best Buy and test them out for yourself. Read reviews and make the decision yourself.

Personally speaking, iOS is a quality OS with some amazing apps. You simply cannot go wrong with it. And if you cannot buy a brand new iPad, check out refurbs from the Apple website. They replace everything, so you pretty much get a brand new one with new parts and a new warranty. I did that with my iPad 1 last summer and only spent $350. It still works perfectly today and we use the heck out of it.
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