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Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
We've come to expect that from you, Crainger.
Why you little…

Anyway back to Nate. Given you want to game, web browse and get into dj and music apps the iPad would be the best choice I feel. There are some great iOS games like Mass Effect infiltrator. Infinity Blade. Galaxy on Fire. Not to mention the Telltale adventure games. With web browsing you might miss Flash, so take that into consideration. But HTML 5 is becoming more popular as iOS gains popularity. As for music apps. No contest. Apple usually takes the lead here on all platforms. However productivity apps on ios can be a little pricey. Looking at $5-20 in most cases.

I'd aim for an iPad 3. Especially if you wanna do some gaming. You are looking at 360 level graphics (at first glance anyway) however I feel like I should add that while it has great battery life. You pay for it as it takes a lot of power and time to recharge. A standard USB port won't charge an iPad on its own without a windows tweak. Thankfully that tweak works on 90% of windows pcs in use today.
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