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Default Re: Regression in "KB:The Legend" when run under Wine with drivers v.285.05.09

I think there's value in reporting a Wine bug even if it's believed to be an NVIDIA driver bug.

Primarily, Wine developers might chime in and post more info about what part of WineD3D is exposing the potential driver bug, which always helps a lot considering how convoluted the Wine code is and the challenges it raises for debugging.

It would also be more visible to other people that might be running into the same issue, and they could chime in with their own data, which could help narrow this down.

Moreover, the fact that it goes away when downgrading the driver does not _always_ (even if likely) mean that it's an NVIDIA driver bug; it could be a slight change in behavior that interacts poorly with an assumption in the Wine code, for example.
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