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Default Re: How real people will use Windows 8 on the desktop

Not sure why I'm chiming in. Maybe I'm just that bored.

First of all the last Apple device I owned was an APPLE IIe back in the day. Not gonna' claim to have first hand knowledge.

However, working for the GeekSquad we do the bulk of the repair work in my area. We do have some mom and pop repair shops but we see a far greater volume of repairs. Granted most of those are Windows based units ranging from old Windows 98 Pentium III based rigs (retrieving data off them for the client, we don't repair units that old due to scarcity in parts) up to bleeding edge custom builds. This includes Apples as well.

Going off of my experience with the Apple computers we get in for repair, and the ones we have on our sales floor- my opinion is that you arguably get what you pay for. I don't know about the build quality of the PCBs used, the capacitors, etc. Yes the Macs due cost a lot more than an entry level Windows based PC. Compare the hardware though and the difference, it seems, is understandable. By hardware I mean compare the CPU, the amount of RAM, the speed of the RAM, the HDD size and specs, the video card specs, the quality of the display- furthermore and much to my surprise, iMacs aren't too terribly difficult to work on. In fact, I'd have to say the iMac is much easier to dissassemble for repair than most Windows based all-in-ones.

I have no real preference regarding Windows or MacOS. Honestly, if my entire game library could work in MacOS without a performance penalty or a penalty of any kind, I'd not have any bones about going MacOS. I'll never buy a Mac just because the price is absurd. My computer as is can stand toe to toe with almost any Mac you'd find in a big box retailer. I'd just go with a hackintosh.

Infact, if MS doesn't do something to make windows 8 easier to navigate with a keyboard and mouse, I may just migrate over to MacOS. Keeping Windows 7 so as to be able to still enjoy windows-only games.
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