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Default Re: AMD Price cuts coming

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Pretty much reinforces my stance. As much as I'd like a new video card I can see my self sitting this one out. Putting that money towards a larger boot SSD, larger steam HDD, etc. Maybe the next generation.

Honestly I was expecting the 7770 to be more on par with my 5870, the 7870 to be faster than the 6970 by about 10 - 20%, and the 7970 to on average double the performance of the 6970. Well, that's what I was *hoping* for at least. Didn't quite pan out.

Good cards, yes, but I just can't justify such a small performance jump for that price. I'd benefit more by putting my money else where.

EDIT: My only complaint is I have to play without AA in some titles which isn't too big a deal anyways. However, if I find a very good deal on a second 5870 I may just go CrossFire. I paid $90 for this 5870 and if I come across another one for about the same price... find me a current solution for the same price that'd offer that level of performance. Closest match would be the 7850 after this price drop but it's not gonna' compete with dual 5870s.
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