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Originally Posted by Rakeesh View Post
I don't know, apple fans are so insecure over their love of apple iphones and macs that they have to come into every android and windows thread and bash it.

Android will do to iphone what windows did to macintosh. It's inevitable. Apple fans forget that microsoft won that war because windows was more open to whatever implementation you wanted to run it on. Iphone has that same limitation. The only reason people use macs today is for novelty.
Keep dreaming. In the last quarter Apple sold more iPhones than all android phones combined:

oh and that chart you posted is about six months old. That's why the numbers disagree with every article out there on the internet.

"Open source" and "open implementation" isn't something most people give a crap about. They just want it to work. People use macs because they work. Particularly the phone and the tablet.
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