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Keep dreaming. In the last quarter Apple sold more iPhones than all android phones combined:

oh and that chart you posted is about six months old. That's why the numbers disagree with every article out there on the internet.

"Open source" and "open implementation" isn't something most people give a crap about. They just want it to work. People use macs because they work. Particularly the phone and the tablet.
Did you even read your own article?

A recent study from Nielsen corroborates Kantar’s numbers. According to Nielsen, 44.5 percent of customers who purchased a smartphone during the last three months of 2012 bought an iPhone, and 57 percent of those buyers got the iPhone 4S, Apple’s newest handset. At that time, Android still remained the No. 1 smartphone category, with 46.9 percent of buyers going for a Google-powered device.
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