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Originally Posted by Zelda_fan View Post
If you get this upset over a derailed thread you should re evaluate your life.
Nah, just i was following this thread with interest - missed a couple of days then wondered if there was any more information about the one XL only to come find pathetic, meaningless comments about "which is best"...Mostly by apple fanboys trying to get invalid points across to try and validate why they even have the iphone...

A realisation...A mobile phone is more personal than even a personal computer...People buy whatever suits them for there needs. As a downright geek for gadgets and anything techy i prefer the HTC Android / Samsung Android phones by a million miles to the iphone. Once rooted, the android devices open a potential not seen on the iphone.

Go back and read some of your comments and maybe then you will see how dumb you look telling others to re evaluate there lives.....
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