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Originally Posted by Zelda_fan View Post
"Open source" and "open implementation" isn't something most people give a crap about. They just want it to work. People use macs because they work. Particularly the phone and the tablet.
No, actually that isn't true at all. Take this for example: At the avnet tech games I just went to (and won some cash at btw ,) one of their contests was who would develop the best android app. Keep in mind these games are targetted at future STEM workers (science technology engineering and mathematics) and business professionals. These are the people who will be developing meaningful apps in the future. Iphone was curiously absent.

Now why would STEM workers and business professionals ignore iphone?

Keep in mind windows was mainly successful due to huge adoption in the business space.

Nevermind just business though, the DoD through the pentagon and ARPA is picking up android as well.

In other words, to the people that matter, android is the OS of choice.

But aside from that, as magus pointed out, even while iphone had a surge in sales, android was still outselling it.
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