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Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
lol. I said that both have problems for people and both don't have problems. I don't see how you can't agree with that. Instead you had to say something that your friends have problems with their phone too to try and back up your opinion that all android phone have problems. I could go there too and say that none of my friends with android have any problems with their phones, which they don't that I know of, but it doesn't matter.

There is a difference between opinions and flat out false information.
Love how people misread me. Never said that ALL Android phones had issues, but rather everyone I knew that had Android phones hated them. I don't see an opinion of an Android owner is "flat out false information".

Again, I call it like I see it and from my personal experience (along with others), Android is not a good solution. End of story.

We've both spoke our opinions, let's agree to disagree.
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