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Default Serious perfromance regression after upgrade from 295.33 to 295.40 with GF 7050 PV


I reported this bug to Debian BTS,

I have, GeForce 7050 PV (integrated card nForce 630a), and running i386 with kernel 3.2.0.

Basically 295.33 drivers works without problems, but 295.40 shows drastic performance regression. glxgears go from 1400 fps to 5 fps, and Counter-Strike 1.6 under wine from 50 fps to 0.5 fps.

I also tested 295.33 with security patch: , and it doesn't show any problems. This indicate that other changes between 295.33 and .40 created this regression.

nvidia-bug-report.log (when running 295.33 + patch) attached.
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