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Originally Posted by Inraged Twitch View Post
They should have just sold the game for like 29.95 i would have bought it. I hate the MT's in this game the XP is incredibly time consuming.
But you can "buy the game". This means that if you pay for it, you´ll get lots of weapons unlocks and extra XP from the game!
There are different packs you can buy and for about 25$ you get most of the characters and some of their weapons/weapons unlocks plus extra VIP XP. Look at their website and find if what you want unlocked can be payed.
There´s plenty of choices for every kind of player, wether you pay for it or not!

I usually play CTF but there´s plenty of choice in MODs included for fun. Deathmatch, CTF, teamdeathmatch, conquer and maybe more!
So far I just love the game because it´s quite close to Tribes2.
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