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Default Performance Regression with 295.40 driver - 8800GTS 320

OS: Ubuntu 12.04 Beta 2
Card: Gefore 8800TS 320
Driver: 295.40

Ubuntu Unity desktop lags when redrawing the desktop (initial login, after a game closes)
Games have poor performance - they go from playable to slideshows

Initial Problem:
This was on a 12.04 testing box that was upgrade from 11.10. All worked fine until the recent Nvidia driver update that went from 295.20 to 295.40.

Testing Done:
Reinstalled Ubuntu 12.04 beta 2 and installed only the Nvidia binary driver 295.40. No other patches were applied. Performance was still regressed.

Reported this bug via Launchpad --

Other Bugs have been reported by others as well:

This is a testing machine so if more tests need to be run I will have no issues running those.

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