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Originally Posted by Rakeesh View Post
Probably because they screwed up.
So any article that disagrees with what you're saying "must be a screw up." lol. You kill me.

Originally Posted by Rakeesh View Post
You didn't watch the video (either that or you didn't pay attention.) More than half of what you described is done much more efficiently on android without making any customizations at all.

Take how you mention email for example. On android you can actually download and view attachments for virtually every file out there (even without being online.) Can't do that with iphone. Let's not even get into the email notification system or organization or far more comprehensive contacts system.
Rakeesh, I know you're an ass who will never admit he's wrong, but since I enjoy shooting your arguments down flat, I'll go ahead and play your little game.

The only attachments I ever open (or receive for that matter) are doc, pdf, images, and once in a while an excel file. iPhone can view all of these just fine. (And I just view them. I'm not interested in editing a pdf on my mobile device. The notion of doing that on a 3.5in screen is retarded) Once again, it just works. Right out of the box. Another example of "added functionality" on the Android that is completely useless overhead that I don't need, nor want. WTF are you trying to do edit an autocad file on your mobile phone?

Push email notification works just fine for me. I get an email and BAM I know about it. I really don't need anything more complex than that.

Not sure what your grip about "contacts" is either. It works just fine for me.
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