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Default Re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
windows 8 will be biggest failure on desktop and notebooks in MS history, it might be able to grab them a piece of tablet market.

i did few experiments at work, where I had my laptop, and gave it to few people in different departments to try it and use it for their daily tasks. Out of about 10 people, only one person liked it. 6 of them could not get back to the metro giant boxes screen. One person couldn't figure out how to logon to the pc in 20+ minutes.
Normally I would laugh, but I had a similar experience. Their implementation is horrible for anything that doesn't have a touch screen. It might be great on tablets, but so is android and as far as I'm concerned a tablet is the only place 8 belongs.

I don't have any desktop PCs, but I agree with all your other points in the other post too. I'm either in my vehicle, at my desk or on the couch with a laptop that doesn't have a touch screen.

Metro = worthless to me, and so far, everyone I've had try it.
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