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Default Re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Originally Posted by TheOneAndOnly View Post
I haven't seen one touch screen all-in-one that even looks decent enough to use. The screen is no where near as capable as a capacitive surface. And why the hell would one want to even use a vertical touch surface?
The only time I've seen that be useful is for industrial businesses that use touch screens for occasional use. Otherwise, what's the point of working against gravity? It makes no sense whatsoever.
I'm sorry, but thats just plain bad design.
I think Redeemed works for one of those places that markets to.........................republicans

Sorry Redeemed

MS is trying to push an OS that's geared towards a very small niche market, momma leaning over the counter to look up a recipe

Touch screens are very successful where they are most practical, tablets and phones, and even some tablets have keyboards that can be attached.

MS is banking on the market suddenly being flooded with touch screen PCs and no matter how it's done, one segment of the market or another is going to be *at best* inconvenienced. It's like someone said at the previews release, why would they want to alienate such a huge portion of their user base?

Bad design decisions, bad marketing strategy, disregarding the vast majority of their user base for what amounts to a change for the sake of saying "We did it differently!"

Yeah, I hope 8 ends horribly for MS.
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