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Default Re: GK110 to feat a 512 bit bus ?

Originally Posted by walterman View Post
When you see Intel's plans to push desktop resolutions to up to 4K, the bandwidth needed to run those resolutions is going to be monstrous.

1920x1200 = 2.3 Mpixels
2560x1440 = 3.6 Mpixels (1.6x times bigger)
3840x2160 = 8.2 Mpixels (3.6x times bigger)
4096x2304 = 9.4 Mpixels (4x times bigger)
4800x2700 = 12.9 Mpixels (5.6x times bigger)

Bandwidth needed to move all those pixels in the future is going to be something like 1 TB/s minimum imho.

GDDR5 with a 512bit bus is a good beginning. With 5-6 GHz GDDR5 you have 320-384GB/s today.

8GHz GDDR? with a 1024bit bus equals to 1 TB/s.

Time will tell.
I'm still waiting for 120hz oled displays, 60hz is nice, but if you ever see 120hz it adds so much more to the gaming experience. Also those uber high res will probably have to go to display port. Too bad windows metro will waste all that screen space.
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