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Originally Posted by Rakeesh View Post
No, it's because the facts disagree with the title.

Zelda, if you weren't so blind you'd realize that you never win any arguments, you always just insult the other person (like you are doing now) and then declare victory. You do the same thing in the P&R forum.

You didn't read what I said. Download and then be able to view offline. Furthermore, things are different on a 4.5" screen with a smaller bezel.

If you watched the video, you'd know where iphone falls short here. You sound like an old man with a dumbphone who says "my contacts work fine, I got their phone number and that's all I need. I don't need their email address, and I don't need their facebook status" Yet you claim you use facebook.
You can download and view attachments offline with the iPhone. It keeps a cache of all recently downloaded attachments.

There's also an app (that I use to have but deleted it because I never use it) that will connect to Google's email server and download attachments for use offline.
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