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The main fallacy in their argument is that android has X additional feature, but they don't care because they won't use it.

The thing with these features, is most of the time you don't even use them until you have them. Once you do, using your device becomes that much more efficient.

These iphone users just sound like somebody who has a dumbphone and says "I just need a phone that makes calls and has web" not even realizing the benefits they gain from having a smartphone because they haven't even used one yet, but it's ok because their dumbphone "just works".
The dumb thing is you forget that some people have actually used both ios and Android and some prefer ios because they like it better. Yes Android did some things the iphone can't, but I'll be honest, I sure don't miss it, I'd rather have a stable phone.
Why on Earth would you get something with features that aren't important to you? You should always get something that does what you want it to do. That's why me and my wife are finally happy with our iphones, they do just what we want.
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