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Unhappy Re: help nvidia driver for linux rt series 3.4-rcX-rtX

It seems to me that even though nVIDIA has joined the Linux Foundation, the Linux Kernel developers and the nVIDIA corporation have become divergent in what they are doing. While I am not sure who is responsible for the mess, and even as several people have tried to help, but nVIDIA and continue to put out incomparable code with each other and at present. Only nVIDIA is going to really be ably to help with this problem. Without external and valid help from nVIDIA users and even a kernel developer, The last kernel version supported by nVIDIA drivers was kernel 3.2 even as we are seeing kernel 3.4-rc3 on release. nVIDIA needs to get on board and release compatible code for at least kernel 3.3 if not getting a handle to the divergent kernel code releases between the two. Who else but nVIDIA can get a handle on this resulting mess? I hope someone in there is listening.

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