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Default Re: GTX 680 Overclocking

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
lee. Thanks with your fan curve my card is running even cooler. Now a question. I only have +100mhz offset but my card hits 1250mhz on load which is higher then what you claim yours does with a higher offset. Whats up? I still don't get OCing these cards that well, seems a lot is auto controlled.
Set the core back to default and see what your stock boost clock is, it looks like its higher than mine which is 1124. Just run a demanding game with Precision X to see what it is.

It seems like yours should be 1150, + 100 = 1250 after you added the offset. I would stick with the first version of Precision X 3.0.1 as 3.0.2 wont hold the OC after rebooting.
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