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Originally Posted by Hogrider View Post
Look, it's ok to like Android or ios better but some of the excuses you are coming up with rakeesh are pretty lame. iphone users are dumb because they don't care about some Android features? Really? Come on...
I didn't say that, I just said they remind me of dumphone users who are afraid of smartphones.

Originally Posted by Hogrider View Post
I simply like our iphones because they arent buggy like our Android phones were. So could newer Android phones be less buggy? Sure but I happen to like the ios operating system better after trying both. It's as simple as that. We haven't had an issue with any of our ios devices so I'm very happy with that. Sure some others might just like I had issues with our Android phones.
But again I'm not posting in an android thread trying to convince everybody else that ios is better. I mean I've yet to see an android thread that hasn't had some ios users crapping on it. ios users are really insecure about their phones.
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