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Was I ranting about ios?

Though I guess it could be interpreted as that, because ios devices are nearly bricks without itunes, unlike android where everything can be done without any software at all.

Even better is you don't even have to have your phone to make changes to it either, you can just use a web browser to do anything from downloading music to your phone, installing apps to your phone, sending bookmarks to your phone, sending texts, checking your voicemail...I could go on and on.
Yea itunes is kind of lame having to use it but it isn't a deal breaker for me.

I don't even have any music on my phone. Why would I want to use a web browser to install apps to the phone? Just do it on the phone. I bought a phone to text but yea I can go on Sprint's site and text my wife if I forgot to bring the phone to work or I can just email her and she can email me back. I don't want to send bookmarks to my phone. Why would I want to check my voicemail via a web browser instead of the phone? I'm not that important, nobody ever calls me, we text.
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