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Originally Posted by Hogrider View Post
All I've heard from you is ios users are basically dumb because they don't want features that you want, and you read on the internets that Android was better.
I didn't say they were dumb. A friend of mine is a very talented doctor, and he still uses a motorola razr. He doesn't want a smart phone. I don't think he is dumb.

However an iphone will do a lot more than a razr, and an android phone will do a lot more than an iphone.

Originally Posted by Hogrider View Post
Neither one is exactly right or wrong. It is up to the individual. I as an individual think ios is better, you think Android is and that's fine. Just don't come up with lame excuses like you have been and you may be taken seriously... oh yea and how about actually using both to get an opinion instead of just reading the internets.
Well in case you didn't notice, there is about 30 minutes worth of video showing off the two side by SHOWING...and android mops the floor with iOS.

And I've used iOS, not terribly impressed.

In fact, if you want the iOS experience on android, you can have it, in its entirety. Namely the miui rom. Android on the other hand does too many things that iOS can't.
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