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Default Re: Quadro 4000M: Internal display flickers with drivers from 290.10 on

Here's the bug report for my machine. (The previous one that I posted didn't have -- -logverbose 6). Note I have unpacked the .gz and repacked as .bz2 as the .gz exceeded the max upload size.

Given that this issue appears to be related to dithering, I suspect the colours present on the screen influence when the issue occurs. The conditions to reproduce on my machine are as follows:
1. Start X. The background is the default Fedora 16 'Verne' image.
2. Open a Firefox window.
3. Make it full screen height and say, 3/4 screen width.
4. Ctrl+T to bring up an empty tab. Flickering may start.
5. Reduce the width of the Firefox window. At some point flickering will start.

It is easiest to spot the flickering looking at a light part of the screen, e.g. the top right of the 'Verne' desktop image.

6. Furthermore, when resizeing the Firefox window, sometimes the flickering will stop but the screen has a strange grid effect.
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