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Default Re: Legend of Grimrock

Been playing it a whole lot. It's a great dungeon crawler game. It's mainly puzzle solving with a good amount of battles. It's a strange kind of hybrid real time/dice roll battle system and you have to get use to it but it works well IMHO. I do highly recommend it, but just go watch a game play video first to see the battle system in action. I can see that some people might not like it, but after a while it does make sense.

I am on level 8 or so, but I am considering restarting from scratch because I messed up my point allocations experimenting so those points are basically wasted, though I am hesitant because some of those puzzles were a PITA. They aren't hard puzzles, but for some that require you to press triggers in a precise order, if you didn't write them down (and I didn't) they are going to take a while to solve all over again once I get back there.

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