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Default Widescreen Woes - KDE Desktop size & orientation doesn't match XF86Config

I just installed Suse 9 and got the 5238 Nvidia driver installed.

I have a laptop that doesn't report EDID/DDC information, so I've had to manually add a modeline and Screen/Display section to Xconfig.

The monitor is a widescreen 1280x800@60hz resoloution.

KDE is starting up, but the Control Center->Desktop->Size & Orientation reports the max resolution as 1024x768 and the screen still looks stretched.

I created a jpg at 1280x10 pixels just to make sure I wasn't seeing things and indeed, it can not display the full width of the jpg.

I commented out the other resolutions in XF86Config and have just the 1280x800 one active.

Going into YaST2, it's reporting the the resolution correctly at 1280x800, but still when testing the configuration from Sax2 (XFine2) it's reporting 1024x768!

Is there some trick for this?

I don't see a place to add a monitor definition other than manually editing the XF86Config.

I didn't see the problem under Redhat with Gnome.

Thanks for the help.
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