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Default Re: Please do not use 295.40 or the security patch with GeForce 6, 7 or 8800GTX/GTS c

Hi. I have a Quadro FX 4500 and a GeForce 7300GT. With the 295.40 driver, I get severe screen corruption and bad stuttering problems after suspend. With 295.33 I don't have that problem. With 295.33 + the security fix for CVE-2012-0946 applied, the problem comes back; it seems that something is trying to mmap offset 0x1000 size 0x1000, which fails the first check that the security patch adds. When that check fails, compiz can't bind pixmaps to textures, and the screen can't redraw itself.

Incidentally, reverting just the security fix from 295.40 makes my problem go away. More details in my bug report:
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