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Default Re: Quadro 4000M: Internal display flickers with drivers from 290.10 on

@pbc2520: Thanks a million for your approach, and even more for making it available here!

On my (inflicted) system, I tried again with the now-current 295.40.

Fiddling with the panel's Dithering Controls indeed lets me immediately influence the flicker.

I've currently set it to:

- Dithering: Auto (= Enabled)
- Mode: Auto (= Dynamic 2x2)
- Depth: 8 bpc (modified from its "Auto" default of 6 bpc)

After the above-mentioned "cool-off period", the panel now displays without flickering or combing.

@nVidia: It appears that the automatic settings are picked wrong for this particular system (HP 8760w, nVidia Quadro 4000M). Please use sensible defaults for this configuration out of the box.
The internal display comes up as DFP-5 on Internal, Link of 4 lanes @ 1.62 Gbps, DisplayPort Signal, 1920x1080 @ 60.02 Hz.

The Panel's EDID does not show a lot of detail for my taste; it's identified as "LGD:fc02" with a vendor of "LGD". I'll try to attach the original EDID record of the panel - don't know whether I can attach files to a reply. Hm. When previewing the post there is a "Manage Attachments" button, but it does absolutely nothing...
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