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Default Re: Please do not use 295.40 or the security patch with GeForce 6, 7 or 8800GTX/GTS c

NVIDIA internal Bug Id 970244 to track this issue.

Originally Posted by viciousMinion View Post
updated info-

For posterity's sake, I ran GLXGears on 295.40 and got ~6 FPS again
I downloaded and ran the old 295.33 and ran GLXGears- I got ~1530 FPS.
I then downloaded the patch and applied it to 295.33. Lo and behold: ~1535 FPS with GLXGears.

I apologize for the misinformation earlier. 295.33 with the patch works perfectly. 295.40's security patch is not the cause for the performance degradation.

Logs attached.


Attachment 43824

Attachment 43825

Attachment 43826
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