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Wow, he was wrong. Big deal. Doesn't justify you calling him names for the next few days. And wireless tethering is what costs money. Wired tethering can still be done for free on Android phones. But it's probably way too much tweaking for you Apple users. With USB Debug mode available on all Android phones, it's very difficult for the carriers to block it.

Oh and it takes about 5 minutes and some common sense to get wireless tethering working for free.

Good luck with that on the iPhone. First you need a jailbreak, then you typically have to pay for the app on the jailbreak Cydia store. Not to mention the fact that there's no untethered jailbreak for iOS5.1 yet.
I gave him a hard time because I tried to correct him but he was too much of a moron to understand. It's cute of you to take up for him though.
I have no need to wire tether nor jailbreak my iphone.

You can hack anything if you really want to.You can also pirate movies and music easily if you really wanted to but the fact is you are supposed to pay for it and that's what my argument was.
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