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Default Re: Finally dropped our Android phones for iphone 4s

Hi there.

iTunes match did a stellar job of recognizing songs. It even saw duplicates from greatest hits albums if I had the original album. 100% worth $25 a year... and ask sixstorm how reluctantly I spend money.

I like that if i'm on my mac at work i can make a playlist of songs and bam, its on my phone when i leave. no cords, no hassle. same thing for music. i work at a library and i f there is a CD here I like, rip it to itunes, and bam, its on my phone.

I'll gladly pay $25 a year for convenience. And yes, it upgrades the quality of your music if it's a low quality track.

and you're right, i like my phone alot. it's a great tool that does what i want everytime i power it up. and Siri kicks ass.
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