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Originally Posted by Rakeesh View Post
I'm thinking about ditching my Evo 3D in favor of this phone on the 20th when it becomes available for sprint. I'm just tired of HTC Sense.

I've heard samsung phones tend to have weak GPS though. Any problems to report? (Not just with GPS, but anything at all.)
I'll test out the GPS on my trip from Boston to Albany this weekend and get back to you. As for hardware and speed, the thing hums along. It's very capable of handling every task you throw at it.

There have been some complaints about weak 4G (other phones get 1-2 bars while the Nexus in the same spot may get 0-1 bar), although only some people are reporting this issue, others say it's fine, so I think it has something to do with the network.

For me, in my room I get crap 4G and the 3G/4G switching kills the battery (on all phones). I was across the river in the city on Monday and I had full 4G signal and the battery life was good (since it wasn't switching).

Words of advice if you get one are to buy the extended battery ($30 on Amazon) and before you load any of your apps, unlock and root the device using this tool: The unlock is required to root, and unlocking does a factory reset, so do it before you set up your device.

It's an awesome phone. It's a Google phone so you don't get the **** loaded on there and you don't have to deal with crap from manufacturers. Just Android good-ness.
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