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Default Re: Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Yes, but to root you have to push a file to your phone and use Clockwork Recovery to flash it. That program supports both LTE/HSPA+ phones, and it's the easiest method.
You can do that with ADB too, I think the command was something like "adb push /path/to/file /destination/file" then "flash_image /destination/file" I don't remember the exact commands but I've done it a few times on different android phones.

The key difference between the nexus phones and other brands (e.g. HTC) is that the fastboot oem unlock command actually works.

There are a bunch of one click tools that do it all, but I'm somewhat of a purist and tend to do it myself.

Pretty nice design IMO because you have all of the security benefits of a walled garden but you're allowed to leave if you want. On apple if you try to leave the walled garden, they'll do you up the butt.
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