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Originally Posted by Rakeesh View Post
You can do that with ADB too, I think the command was something like "adb push /path/to/file /destination/file" then "flash_image /destination/file" I don't remember the exact commands but I've done it a few times on different android phones.

The key difference between the nexus phones and other brands (e.g. HTC) is that the fastboot oem unlock command actually works.

There are a bunch of one click tools that do it all, but I'm somewhat of a purist and tend to do it myself.

Pretty nice design IMO because you have all of the security benefits of a walled garden but you're allowed to leave if you want. On apple if you try to leave the walled garden, they'll do you up the butt.
Yea you can definitely do it yourself with adb, but I used that all-in-one tool just because it's so easy.

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I'm not a democrat, so I don't put up with being told what I can't do.
LOL quote of the thread imo.
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