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Default Need help setting up RAID 0 w/SSD's

It's about that time that I re-install windows on my desktop. I last installed windows in November of 2010 which is an absolutely legendary amount of time for an OS to live on my desktop.

anyways, I'm wanting to speed it up just a little and rather than wasting a ton of money on sandy/ivy bridge hardware, I'd rather grab another 128 gig SSD and do a RAID 0 array and load the OS onto that.

The problem is that the one I have right now is a Crucial Real SSD300 128gig drive and they don't make it anymore. Now, I have no problem buying an M4 or a vertex 4 but I'm wondering whether or not the Raid array will operate properly if I have 2 different types of drives?? As long as they are the same capacity will it work and the drives be happy or is it absolutely required that they both be identical drives? Or as long as the cache/speed the same will it not matter?
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