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Default Re: Crysis 3 screenshots released

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
Honestly, I don't expect it to look better than Crysis 2, but that doesn't bother me. Despite not being as technical as Crysis 1 it's still a very pretty game. Especially running smooth with a ton of AA at 2650x1440.
This. Crysis 2 tapped out the rendering potential of the consoles and after that giant turd Crytek laid when crysis 2 came out then being forced to play catch up and release a half assed excuse for a legit PC upgrade patch, I do not expect much more visually than crysis 2.

I would LOVE to be surprised but I simply do not see it happening.

Until I see some type of concrete evidence that Crytek has learned their lesson and are going to be offering a polished proper PC release on day 1, I refuse to make the same mistake I made with Crysis 2 and preorder.

Even if they say they will have all these features on release, I still don't know if I can trust Cervet after all the lies he's told us in the past.
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