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Default Re: 295.x drivers cause start X to crash when laptop uses external display, 290.10 ok

I've investigated this issue more with the 295.40 driver. The issue is not so much being docked (as previously reported) but having an external display connected.

Steps to reproduce:
1. With laptop turned off, connect external display (possibly by inserting into docking station)
2. Turn on and start X.
Screens remain blank (internal display flickers a bit if in use). Machine requires hard reset. Same error messages as before (extracted via SSH) whether the internal display is in use or not.

However, if the external display is connected after X has been started, 'Detect displays' finds the screen and all is ok. Unfortunately, this workaround doesn't work for a docking station - the lid cannot open in the docking station, and I don't trust Linux drivers to hot-plug at all.

As mentioned, 290.10 works ok, and I did not change anything apart from the driver version.
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